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The Lecture Rooms & Workshop

These rooms can be used by groups which are engaged in activities related to international exchange, international cooperation, and multiculturalism. Group registration is required to use (free to register). Groups which satisfy all of the following requirements can register.

Registration Requirements

  1. Is continually active within the City of Sendai.
  2. Is involved in activities related to international exchange/cooperation, and multiculturalism.
  3. Have approximately 5 or more members.
  4. Has a representative which can express the intentions of the group, or has established an organization which can carry out said intentions.
  5. Does not carry out for-profit, governmental, or religious activities.
  6. Management is conducted with funding through means such as voluntary membership fees.

Registration Process

  1. Fill out and submit the designated “Group Introduction Sheet.”
  2. Submitted documents and interview.
    • A) Documents to be submitted
      ・Organization Introduction Sheet
      ・Materials related to details of the group such as group regulations or a group bulletin.

      ※May be required to separately submit additional documents as needed.

    • B) Interview takes place
      ・Will ask about topics such as a general outline of the group.
  3. Results will be announced after considering the pros and cons of registration based on 1 and 2.
  4. Registration lasts for one year until the end of the fiscal year. If a group wishes to continue being registered in the next fiscal year, renewal procedures will be required.

※Even after registration has been recognized, if it is determined that there were falsehoods in any descriptions made, or that some sort of incident unbecoming of a registered group has occurred, there is the possibility that registration will be revoked.

About Registered Group Information

  1. Regarding the information related to group activities which is submitted at the time of registration, this information will be used when responding to inquiries from citizens and also for introducing groups through media such as websites or PR magazines.
  2. Details related to personal information such as names or contract information will only be disclosed within the limits consented to by the registered group.

The Lecture Rooms (A)

The Lecture Room kitchen


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