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Children's Play Room

Try visiting together with your child and play in the Children’s Play Room.

This is a space where you can get comfortable and relax on some pink carpet while enjoying the sunshine streaming through spacious windows.

Play with fun toys such as blocks, a slide, and tires. Children’s picture books, videos, and DVDs are also available.

There is also a table, so you can bring your own boxed lunch and have a meal.
Mothers from foreign countries come to study Japanese while letting their children play, and families meet up with friends of other families in order to play together.

There is also a convenient small toilet and sink for children to use.

A Request

Due to safety concerns, children cannot use the room by themselves. Please make sure that they are accompanied by a guardian when using the room.

How to Use

  1. When you want to use the Children’s Play Room, please ask at the counter.
  2. Please remove your shoes before entering the room.
  3. When you are finished using the Children’s Play Room, return any toys, videos, or picture books back to their original location, and inform the counter.
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