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Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board is for those who are in search of language exchange partners, friends and volunteer activities. Notices are valid for one month after being accepted.

Bulletin Process

  1. Write your message on a designated notice sheet.
  2. Show your notice sheet to the staff at the counter after writing it.
    Once the staff has verified your message’s contents, they will put a stamp on the sheet.
  3. After being accepted, take the sheet and a pin from the staff, and pin the notice sheet to the board.
  4. After 1 month has passed since being accepted, the staff will take down the notice from the board.

Things you cannot Post

  1. Housing information such as renting or leasing an apartment or boarding house.
  2. The buying and selling of products and/or gift certificates.
    However, sales information can be posted, such as in the case of selling personal daily goods when moving residences.
  3. Activities done by individuals or groups in which monetary transactions occur (all types of lessons such as language study, as well as activities or services which involve compensation).
  4. Job offers and/or job hunting.
  5. Religious or political activities.
  6. Other things that we deem to not be appropriate.

As a general rule, content related to exchanging money cannot be posted, but information related to selling daily goods when moving residences can be posted. In this case, the person wishing to post information must create their own notice and bring it to the Sendai Multicultural Center. Once the staff has verified that there is no problem with the contents they will put a stamp on it, then you may pin it to the Bulletin Board.

Furthermore, the information posted on the Bulletin Board is not mediated, arranged, or endorsed by us. The Bulletin Board is used with self-responsibility placed on each individual who either posts or reads that information.

We will assume no responsibility for any problems experienced by users of the Bulletin Board. As there are a large number of people who use and view the Bulletin Board, we recommend being cautious, especially when writing personal information, and when contacting or meeting others.


Left picture: Bulletin Board


Right picture: bulletin sheet

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