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Specialist Consultations for Foreign Residents

Specialist Consultations for foreign residents are being held at the Sendai Multicultural Center. These consultations with specialist organizations are free of charge.
If you have any problems while living here in Sendai, please make use of this service.

No fees required. Be at ease while consulting in a private room. Consultations are limited to 30 minutes per person. Consultation details are confidential.
All consultations are held from 1:00p.m. to 4:00p.m.

Specialist Consultations with Administrative Scriveners

Administrative scriveners from the Miyagi Administrative Scrivener Association are available for consultation on matters such as visas, residence status, and administrative procedures.

Example consultations:

  • What should I do in order to bring my family here from my home country?
  • What do I need to do in order to obtain permanent residency?


Specialist Consultations with Administrative Scriveners[1,292KB:PDF]

Specialist Consultations with Lawyers

Lawyers from the Sendai Bar Association are available for legal consultation on matters such as family issues (divorce, custody, inheritance, etc), debt problems (multiple debts, etc), real estate, traffic accidents, contractul issues, and more.

Example consultations:

  • We are discussing divorce, but what should I do to get parental custody of my children?
  • My Japanese spouse has passed away. How will inheritance be handled?


Specialist Consultations with Lawyers [1,246KB:PDF]

Specialist Consultations with the Labour Bureau

Employees from the Miyagi Labour Bureau are available for consultation on matters such as wages, working hours, vacation/paid leave, employment contracts, and job hunting.

Example consultations:

  • I was made to quit my job for no reason.
  • I am not being paid or not receiving overtime pay.
  • Workplace problems related to bullying, sexual harassment, or power harassment.
  • I want to look for work.


Specialist Consultations with the Labour Bureau[1,540KB:PDF]

【Labour Bureau Information】
The Labour Bureau is a place where people who are employed can consult about their job or working.
It can also help with resolving conflicts with an employer.
Labour Bureau Information

【To Job Seekers】
Hello Work is a place where federal employees help you find new job.
They answer various inquiries regarding employment.
Whatever questions you have, first try asking at Hello Work.
Information about Hello Work

Specialist Consultations with the Immigration Bureau

Employees from the Sendai Regional Immigration Bureau are available for consultation on matters such as immigration and residency procedures.

Example consultations:

  • What will happen to my residency status if I change jobs?
  • I have the Spouse of Japanese National residency status, but what will happen to my residency status if I get divorced?


Specialist Consultations with Tax Accountants

Tax accountants from the Tohoku Tax Accountant's Association are available for consultations on matters such as taxes in Japan.

Example consultations:

  • I want to start an enterprise. I want to establish my own company.
  • My parents passed away, what will happen with inheritance tax?
  • I earned some casual income or had expenditure. Am I eligible to pay tax or receive deductions?


How to Apply

If you would like to have a consultation, please provide us with the following information at the time of application:

  • Your name
  • Contact details (phone number/email address)       
  • Residency status
  • Details of your problem
  • If an interpreter is required

An interpreter will be provided as necessary (English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Nepali, etc.)

[ Location ]
Sendai Multicultural Center, Conference Center Building, 1F, Sendai International Center
[ Application ]
TEL: (022)224-1919, (022)265-2471

The schedule is also announced on the International Relations Department’s website and email magazine.

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