SenTIA plans various activities to build a community where everyone can live comfortably regardless of their differences in language, nationality, and culture.

The Sendai Multicultural Center is located on the first floor of the Conference Bldg. in the Sendai International Center. The Multicultural Center aims to be a place that supports foreign residents living in Sendai and those traveling here for work or sightseeing by providing useful information and consultation service, and aiding in interpretation when necessary. We also aim to facilitate international exchange amongst citizens and international understanding activities by providing space for groups to meet and by advertising their events. Please feel free to visit and use the services at the Multicultural Center!

Website of the Sendai Multicultural Center Website

Studying Japanese

Japanese Language Courses

We assist various groups whose purpose is to help foreign residents learn Japanese. We support efforts to hold Japanese classes in civic centers and actively aid other organizations who are involved in helping foreign residents study Japanese.

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Japanese Language Volunteers

For foreign residents who would like to study with a tutor in a one-on-one setting, we can match you up with a volunteer who will help you study Japanese.

Details on Japanese Language Volunteers

Daily Life Support

Community Interpretation Supporter Dispatch System

Community interpretation supporters are dispatched upon application, to support foreign citizens who have difficulty understanding Japanese to locations such as government offices, schools, and childcare facilities. Training is also provided for volunteers who signed up to becoime interpretation supporters.

Details on Community Interpretation Supporters

Guidance for Foreign Residents Living in Sendai

We hold seminars that provide useful information and help foreign residents in Sendai better understand Japanese rules and manners, so they can live safely and comfortably in our city. These seminars are held at Japanese Language schools or Universities upon request.

Publishing Multilingual Daily Life Information

We work with local governments and citizen groups to translate essential information about topics such as health, childrearing, traffic safety, and disaster risk reduction into different languages.

Information in Foreign Languages

Multilingual FM Radio Broadcasts

We work with 4 local FM Radio Stations to broadcast multilingual information. During regular times, we broadcast information about daily events and seasonal topics, and during times of disaster, multilingual emergency information is broadcasted.

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Support for Children with Roots Abroad

There are many issues that children with roots abroad must overcome when living in Japan, such as differences in language, culture, and customs. To support these children and their families, we host events such as School Guidance and Summer Language Lessons, while also engage in providing information and dispatching coordinators to schools.

Details on Children with Roots Abroad Support Sendai

Details on High School Guidance

Multicultural Disaster Risk Reduction

We raise awareness on disaster risk reduction amongst foreign residents and provide support for them during times of disaster by broadcasting multilingual information on disaster risk reduction and hosting drills.

Details on Multicultural Disaster Prevention

Recycled Bicycles Bazaar for International Students

SenTIA, with the aim to recycle our resources while also supporting international students, SenTIA participates in the Sendai International Student Recycled Bicycle Promotion Council. This group works together to fix up and then donate bicycles to local international students.

Information on Disaster Risk Reduction

Sendai Disaster Multilingual Support Center

In the event of a large-scale disaster, SenTIA works with the City of Sendai to operate the Disaster Multilingual Support Center. The Center’s goal is to support foreign residents and foreign travelers who are in Sendai during a disaster.

Details on the Sendai Disaster Multilingual Support Center

Disaster Multilingual Support Volunteers Training

To prepare for disasters, we recruit citizens to become Disaster Multilingual Support Volunteers. These volunteers participate in disaster prevention drills and help provide multilingual information in the event of a disaster.

Details on Disaster Multilingual Support Volunteers

Supporting Our Local Community

Promoting International Understanding

We recruit foreign citizens who are interested in helping out with international exchange activities. We then act as the middleman between our volunteers and schools, civic centers and other public agencies interested in hosting international understanding education activities.

Volunteer for International Understanding

Subsidy for Citizens’ International Exchange Projects

To promote international exchange, multiculturalism, and international cooperation, we provide subsidies for activities and events hosted by local citizen groups.

Subsidy for Citizens’ International Exchange Projects

International Festival “Sendai World Festa”(Ended)

An event that took place at the Sendai International Center, where citizen groups that work to promote multiculturalism, international exchange, international co-operation and more gather alongside volunteers to simultaneously promote cross-cultural exchange and come together to think about multiculturalism and international contribution within our community. (This project has ended.)

Website of“Sendai World Festa”

Promoting Multiculturalism and Mutual Understanding

Training programs and lectures are conducted to assist understanding of the current state of foreign residents and working together to build a multicultural society.

Training and Capacity Building Activities

Sendai International Students Program

Foreign international students can apply to the Sendai International Students Program and work with SenTIA and the City of Sendai in different events that facilitate international understanding. In addition, members of this program will organize their own events. A scholarship is awarded to every student who is accepted into this program.

Details on Sendai International Students Program

Accepting students as Interns and Trainees

We accept student interns who either wish to go into careers that involve international exchange and multiculturalism, or those who are researching such topics for their graduation thesis. We also accept junior high school and high school students for their work experience program.

Surveys, Research, and Publication about Multiculturalism and Other Themes

Survey and Research

We conduct research about topics as the current state of multiculturalism, challenges, and future directions. In addition to that, we also work and participate in various conferences and research groups to network and foster connections in the community.


Via our homepage and other SenTIA published materials, we advertise our activities and introduce foreign residents and citizen groups to raise public awareness about international exchange, international cooperation and multiculturalism. At the request of other groups, we dispatch our employees as instructors to share information about our initiatives and details about our disaster risk reduction work.

International Exchange Activities

International Exchange Activities

We host visitations of citizen groups and youth from Sendai’s sister cities, while encouraging and supporting grass root exchange through homestay and hosting other activities with Sendai-based citizen organizations.