We are now recruiting SenTIA(International Relations Department) Supporters!

SenTIA stands for Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association. The International Relations Department is now recruiting supporters who will help back our activities involving international exchange. By participating in these events, you can easily help Sendai become a friendlier and more international city. Why don’t you join us?

The Different Kinds of Supporters and Their Fees

Student Supporter Supporter Fee 500 Yen a year (or more)
We will send you priority information about events, classes and other activities that we are organizing.
Individual SupporterSupporter Fee 1000 yen a year (or more)
We will send you priority information about events, classes and other activities that we are organizing. We will mail you the materials that we publish.
Citizen Group SupporterSupporter Fee 2,000 yen a year (or more)
You will be able to have priority use of the Sendai International Center Workshop and Lecture Rooms. (Only for those groups who have already satisfied the requirements and are registered with us.) We will also send you information and pamphlets that we produce.
Corporate SupporterSupporter Fee 5,000 yen a year (or more)
We will introduce your company in our newsletter.

How to Apply

Download the application form, fill out the appropriate areas and sent it to SenTIA either by Fax or by mail. Then we will send you a receipt for your Supporter Fee, so please pay that by bank transfer.

FY2021 Citizen Group Supporters・Corporate Supporters

ICAS (International Citizen’s Association of Sendai) [NPO法人アイカス 国際都市仙台を支える市民の会]
Traditional Stone and White Sand Art Hosokawa Ryu Bonseki (Fuji-no-kai )[石と白砂の伝統芸術 細川流盆石(藤の会)]
OASIS (Open Assist & Support in Sendai)[外国人支援の会OASIS]
Group MORI[グループ杜]
Sendai Vietnamese Association(SenTVA)[在仙台ベトナム人協会]
Sendai Origami Group[Sendaiおりがみの会]
Salut Rennes[仙台サリュ・レンヌの会]
Sendai New Zealand Society[仙台ニュージーランド協会]
Sendai Volunteer English Tour Guide GOZAIN[仙台ボランティア英語ガイドGOZAIN]
Tanabata kai[七夕会]
Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE)[一般財団法人 日本国際協力センター]
Japanese Leaner's Room Volunteer[日本語ティールームボランティア]
Nihongo no mori[にほんごのもり]
Japan-Eurasia Society[日本ユーラシア協会宮城県連合会]
Miyagi Institute of Public Law[みやぎ行政法務研究会]
Miyagi Prefectural High School Association for International Education[宮城県高等学校国際教育研究会]
Miyagi International Association (MIA)[公益財団法人 宮城県国際化協会]
Miyagi Prefecture Japan-China Friendship Association[宮城県日中友好協会]
RAN Japanese Language Classroom[RAN日本語教室]
Life・Attend Miyagi[ライフ・アテンド みやぎ]

Contact / Questions

Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association (SenTIA) 
Multiculturalism Section, International Department
Higashi Nihon Fudosan Sendai Ichibancho Building 6F,
3-3-20 Ichibancho, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi, 980-0811
TEL:022-268-6260 FAX:022-268-6252