Multilingual Disaster Volunteer

Sendai Multilingual Disaster Support Volunteers Wanted!

SenTIA’s International Relations Department is looking for volunteers who want to use their multilingual skills to support foreigners at the time of a disaster.

Volunteers using their multilingual skills to interpret

Disaster prevention training with locals in the community

What are multilingual disaster support volunteers?

⇒Volunteers who support foreigners through different languages when a large-scale disaster strikes.

In the occasion of a disaster it is important to acquire the latest and correct information regarding disaster conditions and support procedures. There are many foreigners who don’t understand Japanese and it isn’t easy for them to get access to information. That’s where multilingual disaster support volunteers step in.

What types of things do volunteers do?

⇒Interpreting and translation at community disaster prevention training days etc.

  • Interpreting and translation at community disaster prevention for foreigners.
  • Translate essential disaster related information disseminated by the Sendai City and SenTIA.
  • Participate in training workshops that SenTIA holds.

⇒Interpreting and translation at designated refuge areas etc.

  • When a large-scale disaster strikes, Sendai City and SenTIA cooperate and support foreigners together.
  • Go to designated refuge areas and interpret for foreign resident disaster victims.
  • Translate citizen oriented information from the Disaster Management Headquarters of Sendai City and Ward Offices.
  • Respond to phone call enquiries in foreign languages from refuge areas.

What are the requirements and how do I apply?

⇒You need proficiency in Japanese and another language. You can apply at SenTIA.


  1. You need proficiency in Japanese and another language. You must have a good hold on a second language (fluent in another language if Japanese is your first, and proficient in Japanese if it is not your mother tongue)
  2. You live, work, or study in Sendai
  3. You are 18 or above years old

【Application Process】

Please fill in the required fields of the “Sendai Multilingual Disaster Support Volunteer registration form,” attach one (2.5cm x 3cm size) photo of yourself and submit the form to SenTIA’s International Relations Department.

【Registration Form】

The registration form can be found on the Japanese language site.


SenTIA International Relations Department
Email:kokusaika* (Please replace「*」with「@」)