Subsidy for Citizens’ International Exchange Projects

Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association(SenTIA)offers a subsidy to cover some of the expenses for projects involving internationalization that are planned and carried out independently by citizens. The project’s aim should be to promote the understanding of different cultures, international cooperation and international relationships in the local community. For further information regarding the subsidy, please contact SenTIA.


Q、How much financial assistance will we receive?

A、 SenTIA can assist with part of the project cost. The maximum subsidy given is 100,000 yen but, depending on the scope of the project, the amount of financial assistance will vary.

Q、When will we receive the subsidy?

A、 At the end of the approved project, after a report on the results of the project has been submitted.

Q、 Can I apply as an individual?

A、 You cannot apply as an individual. Non profit groups carrying out activities in Sendai are eligible to apply.

Q、 What kinds of projects are subsidized?

A、 Projects such as study meetings, courses, lectures etc, that are based around themes such as international exchange, understanding foreign cultures, international cooperation, assistance of foreign residents, with citizens as the target audience.

There are 4 periods within the year that SenTIA accepts applications, according to the dates that the project will be carried out.

Application Period for the Fiscal Year (Sat, Sun and Holidays excluded)

1st Period:
Application Period February
Event start date is between April ~ March
2nd Period:
Application Period May  
Event start date is between July ~ March
3rd Period:
Application Period August
Event start date is between October ~ March
4th Period:
Application Period November
Event start date is between January ~ March

For more information, downlord a pamphlet

Subsidy for Citizens’International Exchange Projects[(Japanese only)823KB:PDF]

or pick up a pamphlet from our office.

Applications and Reports

All documents can be downloaded below.

Application form download

Subsidy Application [(Japanese only)60KB:WORD]

Report of Results [(Japanese only)49KB:WORD]

Results of Past Subsidies(FY2019) [306KB:PDF]

Results of Past Subsidies(FY2020) [306KB:PDF]