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Humanitarian Assistance for People Displaced from Ukraine (Summary)

【український Ukrainian】

Daily Life

See here for the City of Sendai’s support (Japanese only)
About the City of Sendai’s Livelihood Support Fund for Evacuees from Ukraine
See here for consultations about accepting Ukrainian evacuees and their livelihood

◆Support for Ukrainians residing in Japan (Immigration Services Agency of Japan)
(Information is also available in Ukrainian)

◆Help finding jobs through Hello Work
【український Ukrainian】【English】

◆Daily Life Information Website in Ukrainian(NHK World JAPAN)

◆News website in Ukrainian(NHK World JAPAN)

◆Russian/ Ukrainian Support tools(Resource Center for Multicultural Community Tokai)


◆Useful Ukrainian phrases- receiving medical care (Pronunciation dictionary FOLVO)ウクライナ語の便利な表現集/医療を受ける/”

◆State of global healthcare –Ukraine (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Towards the bottom of the page there is a brief statement regarding healthcare.

◆State of Global Healthcare- Ukraine (Embassy of Japan in Ukraine)
Includes chart of children’s vaccinations and immunizations in Ukraine

Schooling / Education

◆Support for evacuees from Ukraine(Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) (Japanese)
There are resources about the Financial Aid for Educational Expenses system and entering senior high school in Ukrainian.

◆E-learning video for Mathematics in Ukrainian(Kyoto University of Education)
Educational math videos for elementary and junior high school level students.
Videos can also be viewed in Japanese or English.

◆Support Measures for Ukrainian Students by Japanese Universities(Japan Student Services Organization)

Children / Child-rearing

◆Support for parents caring for children in crisis(Oshiete Doctor Project) (Ukrainian) (Japanese) (English)
Contains information emotional support and mental health of displaced Ukrainian parents, caregivers and their children.

Japanese Language Study

◆Easy Japanese Ukrainian (NHK World JAPAN)

◆Essential Japanese Ukrainian(NHK World JAPAN)
Learn Japanese in through short videos

◆Website for Foreign Nationals as Residents to Learn Japanese Language
Connect and Enhance Your Life in Japanese (Agency for Cultural Affairs)
・Ukrainian :
・Russian :


See here for information regarding fundraising for emergency aid in Ukraine
(Japanese only)