Moniwadai, where the Moniwadai Nihongo Salon is located, is far away from the center of Sendai and hard to access. Many families of foreign students used to live in the municipal housing complexes in Moniwadai. The Nihongo Salon in Moniwadai was established because it was difficult for many to commute all the way to the Japanese classes that were in the city. Even if you bring your children with you, you can still study at the Moniwadai Nihongo Salon, as we have volunteers who will watch them while the mother is in class.

There are many students in the beginner and beginner-intermediate levels, learning the Japanese that is essential for daily life. Classes are held in Moniwadai Shimin Center every Wednesday from 10.00 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. Apart from Japanese language study, we also provide opportunities for intercultural exchange (cooking classes based on our respective countries’ cuisines, kimono-wearing experiences, etc.), as well as opportunities to meet with people from the area. Since classes are small, we can provide a relaxed, homely atmosphere for you to study. Anyone living in Moniwadai or nearby, feel free to join us!

LevelsElementary I & II, Pre-Intermediate
TermsApr – Jul / Sep – Dec
*Join anytime
Class timeWednesdays 10:00-11:30
Fee¥1,000 per term (Textbook and recreation fees are not included)
VenueMoniwadai Shimin Center, 4-1-10 Moniwadai, Taihaku-ku, Sendai-shi, 982-0252
TEL: 022-281-3293
InquiriesMoniwadai Japanese Course Volunteer Group Ms. Okazaki
TEL: 022-392-1580 (please call before 9 p.m.)
*You are welcome to bring your child along, but no childcare services are provided.