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The multilingual digest of July’s Sendai City Newsletter is now available to read on the City of Sendai’s website.

The digest is available in English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Nepalese.
Please feel free to tell any foreigners that you might know!

Sendai City Newsletter (July)


1.Support for Young Newlyweds

2.Certificate issuance fee at convenience stores is 100 yen cheaper than that at the ward office

3.Beware of Black Bears

4.Anti-inflation Emergency Support Benefit for Low-income Households to be Paid Out

5.AIDS and Syphillis Rapid Testing

6.Accepting Claims for Free Early Childhood Education and Care

7.Basic Health Check will Begin in July

8.Don’t Forget to Apply for Exemption of National Pension Payments

9.HPV Vaccines to be Administered to Prevent Cervical Cancer