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The multilingual digest of January’s Sendai City Newsletter is now available to read on the City of Sendai’s website.

The digest is available in English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Nepalese.
Please feel free to tell any foreigners that you might know!

Sendai City Newsletter (January)


1.Notice Regarding COVID-19 Vaccination
2.Accepting Claims for Free Early Childhood Education and Care
3.Have you Enrolled in the National Health Insurance ?
4.Notice regarding the paid amounts of the following insurance premiums: National Health Insurance, Advanced-age Medical Insurance, and Long-term Care Insurance
5.Please be Sure to Prepare for Heavy Snowfall
6.Sending of Notice of Medical Expenses for National Health Insurance
7.Have you attended your Specified Health Check-up?
8.Tax Notices
●Inhabitant Tax Payments are Due on January 31 (Wed)
9.Enrollment into the National Pension System when turning 20
10.Currently Accepting Applications for Municipal Housing(For Single-parent households, Child-rearing households and households with multiple children)
―Applications Open Until January 16―