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[Report] A Citizen Delegation from Dallas, Sendai’s International Friendship City, visited Sendai(【報告】国際友好都市ダラスから市民訪問団が来仙しました。)

2022 marks the 25th anniversary of the Sendai-Dallas International Friendship City Affiliation.
In commemoration, a 12-member citizen delegation from the City of Dallas visited Sendai from July 17 (Mon) to July 21 (Fri).

Reunion with Sendai citizens before the Dallas Friendship Bell, a monument gifted by the City of Dallas to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Friendship City affiliation.

During their stay in Sendai, the delegation participated in a citizen exchange event at Sendai Ryokusaikan in Aobayama Park, reunited with organizations and individuals with whom they have longstanding relationships, and visited Morinosato Fukushikai, a special nursing home for the elderly in Arahama area, with whom they have continued exchanges with through support following the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Self-introduction of delegation members at the citizen exchange event at Sendai Ryokusaikan

For many members of the delegation, this was their first visit to Sendai. This visit was a great opportunity for them to reconnect with the history of the Date family and the beginning of the Sendai-Dallas exchange, and to establish new connections for future exchanges.

Visit to Sendai Arahama Elementary School. Members of the delegation were able to learn about what happened during the disaster.

Visit to Morinosato Fukushikai. Before the Dallas Memorial.