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Junior High School Students’ Suggested Sightseeing Spots in Miyagi!

Two students from a Sendai City Junior High School visited Koryu Corner to have a workplace experience.

The things they did during their experience included, watching the staff doing their jobs at the counter, and joining the Japanese class for foreign residents called “Nihongo no Mori” which is held weekly in the Koryu Corner.
They said they had lots of fun talking with the students from various countries and were surprised to learn that they could speak Japanese very well.

They also created items for the bulletin board to show their suggested Miyagi Prefecture sightseeing spots to Koryu Corner visitors.
They talked to each other to decide those locations they introduced and the reasons they chose those places like “my grandmother lives there and I see here a lot,” or “I went here during my extracurricular activities.”

Perhaps even local residents in Miyagi may discover new, exciting locations that the junior high school students suggested. We are introducing those locations at the Koryu Corner Gallery. So please have a look.

~We are giving leaflets and pamphlets for free. ~
Pamphlets full of information about travel in various areas in Miyagi, including foreign language versions, can be found at Koryu Corner. Please have a look at them and also see our library guide booklet.