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Settlement Support Program for Persons Subject to Comlementary Protection(補完的保護対象者定住支援プログラムについて)

The following link provides detailed information on the Settlement Support
Program, which is available to those who have been identified as eligible for
supplementary protection.

To all evacuees from Ukraine to Japan

In November 2023, a questionnaire was sent out on the desire to take part in the
Settlement Support Program, and now that the detailed content of the Settlement
Support Program has been decided, a second questionnaire will be sent out.
The purpose of this questionnaire is to get an advance idea of the number of people
who are interested in taking part in the Settlement Support Program.
This questionnaire is important for determining the number and location of future
settlement support program participants, so please make sure you complete it if you
wish to take part in the settlement support program.
Please note that the formal application for the settlement assistance program must be
made after you have been approved as a supplementary protection subject.

●Questionnaire on the wish to take part in the settlement support program (2nd round)
Response deadline: January 28,2024.