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Traditional Sendai “Surume Tenbata” Kite-Making Workshop(Subsidized by SenTIA)(仙台伝統凧作り体験会)

Sendai International Friendship Club are running a traditional Sendai kite-making workshop.

We at Sendai International Friendship Club aim to increase mutual understanding between people from different cultures and backgrounds through experiencing different cultures at our multicultural exchange events.

This time we are holding a workshop where you can try making your own traditional Sendai“surume tenbata” kite.
“Surume tenbata” kites are unique to Miyagi, and are a traditional kite that originates from the Edo period. “Surume” comes from the Japanese word for “dried squid”, whose shape the kites are said to resemble. “Tenbata” is a word for “kite” found in the Miyagi dialect.

The instructors at this workshop are members of the “Sendai Kite Club”. They gather once a month mainly within Sendai to fly kites and also work to spread knowledge of and carry on the tradition of“surume tenbata”kites.

Anyone can participate (All nationalities and children of preschool-age are welcome).
We hope to see you there!

◆Time and date: January 21 (Sun.) 2024, 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
◆Venue: Lecture Room A, Sendai Multicultural Center
(1F Sendai International Center Conference Bldg., Aobayama, Aoba-ku)
◆Participant limit: 20 (First-come basis)
◆Participation fee: \800
◆Instructor: Sendai Kite Club
◆Target audience: Anyone can participate (All nationalities and school age children are welcome)
◆Deadline: January 19 (Fri.), 2024
◆Where to apply: Sendai International Friendship Club (Ask for Sato)