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August Hello Sendai Broadcast(8月の多言語放送局)

With the arrival of Summer in Japan comes a downpouring of rain coupled with furnace-like heat.
While the outdoor environment seems a tad hostile to humans at the moment, there is at least one aspect of this season which is sure to get you out of the house for some fun: festivals and fireworks.

No matter where you live on this island country, there will be at least one festival taking place nearby which is chock full of traditional history, rich culture, and culinary delights, and is often topped off with a spectacular fireworks display.

On this episode of Hello Sendai, our guests will focus on these topics while also giving insight into summer traditions from their home countries.

Broadcast times and broadcast stations:
Tue., 8 August 14:00~14:15 fm Izumi 79.7MHz
Tue., 8 August 17:30~17:45 FM Taihaku 78.9MHz
Thur., 10 August 17:45~18:00 Radio3 FM 76.2MHz
Sat., 12 August 9:30~9:45 FM Natori 80.1MHz

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