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Kokeshi Coloring Experience (Subsidized by SenTIA)(こけし絵付け体験会)

The Sendai International Friendship Club will be hosting a workshop where one could try their hands at making Kokeshi, a traditional craft of Miyagi prefecture. Mr. Agatsuma Satoshi, an artisan from the Akiu Traditional Craft Village, will be the instructor.
Kokeshi is a type of wooden doll that originated from hot spring areas in the Tohoku region in late Edo period. It had evolved from what was originally children’s toy to a form of specialized craft.
This workshop focuses on the fun of making wooden dolls. We hope that by learning more about Kokeshi, a craft with several hundred years of history, the participants would be able to appreciate the beauty of Japanese culture. We look forward to receiving your application.

◆Date and time: February 19, 2023 (Sun) 1:30 p.m. ~ 3:00 p.m.    
◆Venue: Sendai Multicultural Center Lecture Room A
◆Participant: Anyone is welcome to join (Foreign residents and school age children are welcome as well)
◆Fee: 700 yen
◆Capacity: 12 people
◆Application deadline: February 17, 2023 (Fri)
◆Inquiries: Sendai International Friendship Club (Sato・Yang) Email: