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Ukrainian and Russian versions of ‘LIFE IN SENDAI’ have been published(『仙台生活便利帳』のウクライナ語版とロシア語版ができました)

‘LIFE IN SENDAI’ is a booklet that summarizes useful everyday information for foreign residents living in Sendai.
Information such as procedures necessary for moving to a new residence and setting up utilities, ways to navigate the subway and bus system, how to properly dispose of household waste, and things to be aware of during hospital visits can be found in the booklet.
You can view ‘LIFE IN SENDAI’ by clicking the link below.

(Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Nepali, Ukrainian, Russian)

The Sendai Multicultural Center is currently handling proposals about accepting Ukrainian evacuees and providing consultation for Ukrainian evacuees in regards to their livelihood.

Consultations about accepting evacuees from Ukraine and their livelihood