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【Important Notice】COVID-19 Vaccine Booster (Third) Dose(新型コロナワクチン追加(3回目)接種)

The city of Sendai is making progress administering the COVID-19 vaccine booster (third) doses.
Vaccination tickets are being sent in sequential order from those who have received the second dose of the vaccine earliest. We ask for your patience regarding this matter.
This is the Vaccination ticket envelope being sent to eligible residents

【Envelope containing the coupon (vaccination ticket)】

※Image is for example purposes

【Image of Vaccination ticket】

※Image is for example purposes

The Vaccination ticket, pre-vaccination screening and vaccination certificate are combined.
Please do not tear or separate the ticket. Please bring it to the venue on the day of scheduled vaccination.

Reservation for vaccination can be made once the ticket has been received.
There are three options for receiving the vaccine “Mass Vaccination” at temporary venues including Shimin center (civic center), “Individual Vaccination” at medical institutions, and “Large-scale Vaccination” at the Tohoku University Vaccination Center.

Three important points to take note of:

①Changes to the Vaccination Call Center phone number

On January 4, 2021 the dedicated Vaccination call center’s number changed
The new phone number is 0120-39-5670

②Vaccine maker

The venue for vaccine administration differs depending on the maker of vaccine. Alternating of the COVID-19 Vaccines has been evaluated as safe, so people can receive the booster (third) dose even if it is a different vaccine maker from the first and second doses that were received. E.g. First and second Dose Pfizer, Booster (third) Moderna etc.

③Medical institutions administering “Individual Vaccinations”

Medical institutions which administer individual vaccinations are listed on the City of Sendai Website “Vaccine Portal Site.” Information is updated weekly, please check the website, or phone the call center before making a reservation at a medical institution.

Those who have not received the first or second doses due to personal circumstances are still able to receive the vaccine. For detailed information about the booster (third) dose, please check the City of Sendai Website’s “Vaccine Portal Site.”

City of Sendai Website “Vaccine Portal Site” Foreign Language page

Guide for Sendai City COVID-19 Vaccination