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Child Medical Expense Subsidy (on reduced incomes due to COVID-19)(コロナ関連:子ども医療費助成)

From October, households who do not receive the child medical expense subsidy due to the income restrictions, whose finances suddenly changed as a result of COVID-19 and had a reduction of income, are eligible to receive the child medical expense subsidy.

●Application period=Until February 28th (Mon.), 2022

●Eligible=Households who meet all of the following conditions.
1. Your child is younger than junior high school age.
2. You are covered by national health insurance or company health insurance.
3. Your income after January, 2021 was reduced lower than the amount of income equivalent to that of those exempted from inhabitant tax, due to COVID-19.

●How to apply=The application form is distributed at the Childcare and Benefit Sections of the Ward Offices etc.(Available to download from the official website of the City of Sendai.)

●Inquiries:Childcare and Benefit Section of Ward Office, Public Health and Welfare Section of General Branch Office