SenTIA plans various activities to build a community where everyone can live comfortably regardless of the differences of language, nationality, and culture at the Sendai International Center.

The Koryu Corner is an information center connecting the citizens of Sendai with the world, and its foreign visitors and residents with Sendai. SenTIA holds monthly events which introduce Japanese cultures and seasonal customs.

Koryu Corner Website

Programs to Support Foreign Residents

Events to Experience Japanese Culture

Japanese Language Courses

Japanese Language Courses

Japanese Language Volunteers (Volunteers Who Support Foreign Resident's Japanese Language Study)

Japanese Language Volunteers

Fun Japanese Talk (Japanese Speech Contest)

Guidance for Foreign Residents to Live in Sendai Safely and Comfortably

Information For Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience

Disaster Multilingual Support Volunteers

Sendai Disaster Multilingual Support Center

Programs to Develop a Multicultural Community

Sendai Global Festa “Sendai Chikyu Festa”

Sendai Global Festa “Sendai Chikyu Festa”

Member’s Club “Chikyu Club”

Member’s Club “Chikyu Club”

International Understanding Program

SenTIA Supports Globalization

Sendai International Center Support Volunteers

Sendai International Center Support Volunteers

Sendai International Students Program

Sendai International Students Program

Education for International Understanding

Support for Children Who Have Roots in Foreign Countries

Guidance for Studying Abroad

Accepting students as Interns and Trainees

Survey, Research, and Publicity

Management of SenTIA’s Website

Publishing Monthly Newsletters

Round-table Talks with Foreign Residents

Research on Parenting Under Intercultural Circumstances

International Exchange Program

Developing International Relations between Sendai Citizens and Residents from International Countries