SenTIA Japanese Volunteers

At SenTIA we can introduce you to Japanese language volunteers that can help you study Japanese if you cannot attend Japanese language courses due to work or family commitments.

※Japanese learning support will be held online for the time being due to the large rebound of COVID-19 infection cases.

Level For those with beginner/elementary level Japanese, who have difficulty communicating in daily life
Term One year from the start date of lessons
Fees Free (The cost of teacher’s transport, textbooks, and copies of materials must be paid by the learner.)
Application process Please fill out an application form and bring it to the International Center (we do not accept postal applications).

Frequently asked Q's

Q1. How do I begin taking lessons?

A1. (1) SenTIA will introduce you to a volunteer teacher (2) You will meet with the volunteer and decide on the content of the lessons (3) If there are no problems you will begin lessons straight away

Q2. Where are the lessons held?

A2. Lessons are held at the Sendai International Center, public spaces/facilities, and cafes around Sendai

Q3. What type of people are volunteer teachers?

A3. There are various teachers, for some it is their first time teaching and others have been teaching for a while. Lesson content is decided upon after discussing it with the volunteer teacher.

Q4. Who pays the lesson expenses?

A4. As a general rule, the learner pays for any expenses, for example, transport costs for the volunteer teacher, textbooks, and copies of materials, etc.