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【Online Japanese Class】4/12-7/26 Minna no Hiroba (みんなのひろば)

(Organized by Graduate School / Faculty of Arts and Letters Tohoku University, Applied Japanese Linguistics)

Let’s speak together in Japanese using Zoom.
Japanese university students will also participate.
Practice conversational Japanese, without worrying about making mistakes. Improve your communication skills.
You can participate whenever you like. You don’t need to participate every week. Participate freely as you please.


Every Monday 5:30 p.m.- 6:30p.m. 
April 12, 2021- July 26, 2021

【How to Participate】

Please use Zoom.
Access to a digital device or smartphone is required.
Access to an internet connection is required.


Those who are living in Sendai and would like to learn Japanese

【Participation cost】

Free of charge ¥0


Access the URL below.
Enter your information into the required fields and press submit.
We will send a message to your email address

If you have questions, please email us


【Q&A】What is Minna no Hiroba?

What will we do? Foreigners can talk with Japanese. We will play games.
What will we talk about? We will talk about various topics such as hobbies, travel, shopping etc.
Is this the same as a Japanese class? This is a little different to a Japanese class. You will get to have fun while practicing Japanese conversation. This will improve your communication skills.
Is there a teacher? No, there is no teacher. If you want to know something, other Japanese and foreign participants will answer.