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Miyagi Prefecture, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture Medical Association, Sendai City Medical Association Declaration of State of Emergency in Miyagi Prefecture due to the Threat of COVID 19(宮城県・仙台市・宮城県医師会・仙台市医師会 宮城県新型コロナ危機宣言)

With the coming of December in Miyagi Prefecture, the spread of COVID 19 and outbreaks of cluster infections are continuing and the prefecture has reached a record high number of newly infected patients admitted to hospital in a single day. The infection is spreading through all regions of the prefecture and there have been confirmed cases in eating and drinking establishments, nursing homes, households, schools, workplaces and other locations.
In addition, we are already seeing an effect on Miyagi Prefecture’s general medical services as the spread of coronavirus is putting a huge burden on medical staff.
There is currently a serious risk of the prefecture’s healthcare system being overwhelmed and collapsing.
In the case of the elderly and those with underlying health conditions, there is a high risk of severe symptoms and possible death when infected. Even among young patients who are infected with COVID 19, there is a risk of prolonged after-effects.
In order to help protect the lives of residents, we must each plan for a quieter New Year’s holiday.
In order to ensure the safety of all residents and their families, we request that everyone diligently follow the guidelines below.

1 Please avoid crowds during New Year’s shrine visits, New Year’s sales, coming-of-age ceremonies and other various events. We request that those who are at risk of severe symptoms such as the elderly or individuals with underlying health conditions exercise particular caution when making a judgement about whether to go out and attend such events.

2 Please exercise as much caution as possible when traveling or returning to homes outside the prefecture. In particular, please be careful when traveling to and from prefectures where COVID 19 is spreading rapidly such as Hokkaido, Greater Tokyo Area, the Chubu Region and Kansai Region.

3 In the event that you begin to exhibit symptoms of COVID 19, this could put others around you at risk of infection as well as be detrimental to your own health so please refrain from going outside and call the consultation center (022-211-2882,022-211-3883).

4 If holding any end of year or New Year gatherings, please do so with a small number of people for a short amount of time and wear a mask when talking. Also, please do not participate in any such gatherings if you are not feeling well.

5 We request that businesses operating facilities and stores ensure that there are proper coronavirus preventative measures in place. In particular, we request that businesses in industries where the number of infections is rapidly increasing follow guidelines to prevent the spread of infection and thoroughly implement measures to prevent the spread of infection among customers and those using their services.

December 16, 2020

Governor of Miyagi Prefecture MURAI Yoshihiro
Sendai City Mayor KORI Kazuko
Director of Miyagi Prefecture Medical Association SATO Kazuhiro
Director of Sendai City Medical Association ANDO Kenjiro