A Treasury of Child-Rearing Advice

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Material Compilation: Sendai City Ayashi Nursery, Ochiai Nursery, Kumagane Nursery
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Crying at Night

Your baby may start crying at a certain time every night and not stop even if you give her milk or change her diaper.

If it’s just a short time, you can get through it, but when she cries for a long time, you start to feel like crying too, don’t you!

When your baby starts crying

  • You could think, ”Crying is a baby’s job!” and leave her alone for a while. You may be surprised how often she will stop crying just from that!
  • When you can’t leave your baby crying, don’t panic. Hold her gently and wait for her to calm down. If she still doesn’t stop crying, try changing her mood by giving her a piggyback ride, going outside, or even going for a drive. Enlist the help of the family too!
  • Are you bothering the neighbors? Don’t worry about it! Everyone disturbs their neighbors a little when they have a baby. When you see them, just say, “I’m sorry for the noise last night.”

How to prevent crying

  • Take your baby for a walk during the day. Your baby will sleep better if she spends a lot of time playing outside.
  • Is your baby drinking enough milk? Make sure her bedding is not overly warm, too.
  • Try reading your baby a picture book or singing a lullaby before bedtime to create a quiet atmosphere.
  • Make sure you cuddle your baby a lot. Feeling her mother’s love will put her at ease.
  • Remember that it’s just a phase, and don’t let it bother you too much!