A Treasury of Child-Rearing Advice

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Material Compilation: Sendai City Ayashi Nursery, Ochiai Nursery, Kumagane Nursery
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Does your baby burst out crying every time there are visitors? Do they hide whenever someone tries to talk to them? Even though you think it’s rude to your guests, once they starts crying they don’t stop . . . What to do?

It’s OK!

Shyness means that your baby has learned to distinguish between family and unfamiliar people. It’s a healthy part of their development! Just wait until they outgrows their shyness. Aren’t they cute even when they are crying? That face means they are relying on Mama!

When your baby cries

  • Hold them tightly
  • Don’t force them to look at visitors.
  • If you can, take them to another room to change their mood.

The most important thing is Mama and Papa’s love!

Your relationship with your child is the most important thing. When you are together, it’s important to smile at your child, look at them, hug them, talk to them, and let them experience the joy of spending time together. Your child’s deep, trusting relationship with their father and mother will be their foundation for building good relationships in life. Be affectionate!

You have to be outgoing too!

Shyness varies from person to person. Some of it may be your child’s personality. But it’s also important for your child to get used to meeting people by seeing their father and mother go out to lots of places and talk to lots of people. Reasoning won’t get you anywhere. The most important thing is to go to lots of places where you can interact with people. Start with the houses of friends and relatives.