A Treasury of Child-Rearing Advice

公益財団法人仙台観光国際協会 Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association.

Material Compilation: Sendai City Ayashi Nursery, Ochiai Nursery, Kumagane Nursery
Material Provision: Nursery Section, Children’s Future Bureau, City of Sendai
Editing and Translation: Sendai International Relations Association

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To Everyone Raising Children

A Day at Nursery School


Guardians will drop their children off at the nursery.

  • Free Play
    Your child can read picture books, build blocks and enjoy playing however they like.
  • Snack (0- to 2-year-olds)
  • Class
    Drawing pictures and playing outside as a class.
  • Lunch
    Lunch is served at nursery school. In the case that a child has an allergy, an individual meal will be served to meet their needs.
  • Toilet Training
    At set times like before having a nap, or after waking up from one your child will have their diaper changed and be asked if they need to go to the toilet.
  • Nap
    After playing and moving around with all their energy, your child can rest quietly.
  • Snack
  • Free Play
Leave Guardians will pick up their children from the nursery.

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