Congratulations on your new baby.

The beginning of a new life is a priceless thing.

Pregnancy, delivery, and nursing while overseas may pose many difficulties.

But you are not alone. Your family, friends, and those who have gone through the same experience before are with you.

Please gather information and make good use of the administrative services and support available from citizen groups.

Whether a time of hardship or a time of joy, all will become precious memories.

Without pushing yourself too hard or becoming too anxious, please enjoy your time of childbirth and childrearing.


224-1919  Interpretation Support


Are you having trouble communicating at the reception counter of your ward office or hospital? If so, please call the Sendai International Center, Interpretation Support Hotline at 224-1919. The staff can interpret for you in English, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, Portuguese and Vietnamese. You can also ask a volunteer member of the citizen’s group “OASIS(Open Assist & Support in Sendai)” to come with you at no cost.

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