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Ukrainian Cultural Experience (Subsidized by SenTIA) (ウクライナ文化体験会)

The Sendai International Friendship Club will be hosting a workshop where one could try painting Petrykivka.
Through hosting cultural exchange events, the Sendai International Friendship Club hopes to promote mutual respect between people of different nationalities and ethnicities.
This workshop is dedicated to Petrykivka, a type of traditional Ukrainian decorative art.
Petrykivka is a historical painting technique prevalent in Dnipro region located in the center of Ukraine. This type of painting can be found on walls inside Ukrainian homes, furniture, tableware, and more.
The abstract floral patterns that characterize Petrykivka are often based off of imaginary flowers. It is said to be a way for artists to express their gratitude towards nature.
In this workshop, we will also be displaying 10 photos of Dnipro region in Ukraine. Admission is free for observers.

Everyone is welcome to participate in our event. (Foreign residents and school age children are also welcomed.)
We look forward to receiving your application.

◆Date and time: May 20, 2023 (Sat) 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
There will be 5 sessions in total. 40 minutes and 8 participants per session.
Start time: (1) 10 a.m. (2) 11 a.m. (3) 1 p.m. (4) 2 p.m. (5) 3 p.m.

◆Venue: Sendai Multicultural Center Lecture Room A
     (Sendai International Center Conference Building 1F, Aobayama, Aoba-ku)

◆Instructor: Ms. Mariia Kravets (Tohoku University Graduate School)

◆Fee: 500 yen (Free admission for observers)

◆Where to submit your application: Sendai International Friendship Club (Sato/Kurumada)
     Please let us know which session you would like to attend. 
◆Deadline: May 18, 2023 (Thu)