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【Participants wanted】April 2023〜 August2023「多文化(たぶんか)Yurt online」

April 2023〜 August2023
On the 3rd Friday of each month
(4/21, 5/26, 6/16, 7/21, 8/18)

We will be using the video Web Conference system Zoom.
No fee.

<What will we do?>
Participants talk with a person living in same Miyagi and nearby prefectures in Japanese and so on.
Participants talk on various themes. Lifestyle, culture, hobby…etc.
You can join convenient day.

・Not native Japanese speaker (over 16 years old)
・People living in Miyagi and nearby prefectures.
・People can join on Zoom, pc, smartphone.

Please enter the required information into the web form.


Yurt(ゆると) 東北日本語教師協働会(とうほく にほんご きょうし きょうどうかい)
Yurt  Tohoku Collaborative for Association Japanese language teacher