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Tanabata Workshop 2022(SenTIA supported project)(七夕ワークショップ2022)

Date Creators aim to facilitate international exchange through Tanabata, by cooperating together with foreign and Japanese residents to create Tanabata decorations that radiate with international flare, and use them to decorate part of the Ichibancho Shopping arcade.

They will be holding multiple workshops in the lead up to the day of the festival on the days listed below. You can also experience wearing a on yukata, trying out calligraphy and origami, and other traditional Japanese experiences. We hope to see those who are interested in international exchange and Japanese culture participate.

◆Date and time: July 3 (Sun.) 2022., July 16 (Sat.) July 23(Sat.)from 1:00p.m.
◆Venue:Sendai Umelabu (仙台梅らぶ)(Sendai, Aoba-ku ichibancho, 1-chome,6-20 6F (仙台市青葉区一番町1丁目6-20-6階)
◆Cost: Free
◆Inquiries:Date Creators (Person in-charge: Nakano) 
◆more details can be viewed on the flyer below (Japanese text only)