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July Hello Sendai Broadcast(7月の多言語放送局)

Wish upon a star before it’s too late because missing that chance may mean a long wait. Humans are born to dream. From becoming a biologist to birthing a bouncing baby boy, everyone has a wish or two on their list. Though all of these wishes unfortunately won’t come true, we’ll try every trick in the book to increase that chance of success, whether it be by ritual or magic incantation.
On this episode of Hello Sendai, our guests will share their own wishes and whether or not they came true. We’ll also share a few traditional tricks the locals here in Japan use to see their wishes granted, so don’t miss this month’s broadcast or you’ll miss out!

Broadcast times and broadcast stations:
Sat., 9 June 9:30~9:45 FM Natori 80.1MHz
Tue., 12 June 14:00~14:15 fm Izumi 79.7MHz
Tue., 12 June 17:30~17:45 FM Taihaku 78.9MHz
Thur., 14 June 17:45~18:00 Radio3 FM 76.2MHz

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