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April issue of Sendai City Newsletter is now available online!

You can read the April issue of Sendai City Newsletter in multiple languages (Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean) at Sendai City’s website listed below.

Sendai City Newsletter (Digested Version)


1.COVID-19 Vaccination Notification
2.Financial Assistance System for Schools
3.COVID-19 Related Support
●Special Loans such as Emergency Small Amount Funds, etc.
4.Child-rearing Allowance/ Special Child-rearing Allowance Notice
●Child-rearing allowance(Payment in May)
●Special Child-rearing allowance (Per child)(Payment in August)
5.Tax Notifications
●Certificates of Inhabitant Tax to be Issued
6.Those who have financial trouble and are unable to pay Inhabitant Tax
7.Accepting Claims for Free Early Childhood Education and Care
8.Don’t forget your Application for Citizen’s Health Checks
9.Exemption, etc. of National Pension Contributions can be Applied Retroactively for up to Two Years and One Month Before the Month of Application
10.Don’t Forget to File the Loss of Qualification for National Health Insurance Form