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Koryu Corner Gallery

The Koryu corner lends a part of the bulletin board to individuals or groups. It can be used for the exhibitions of international relation, cooperation, and foreign cultures.

* It cannot be used in the following cases.

  • Advertisement of companies or goods
  • Religious activities, political events or activities
  • Selling goods and collecting donation money
  • Threatening public order and morals


2 weeks (from Mon. to the Sun. after next, except on the Sendai international center and the Koryu corner closed days)

How to apply

Please come to the Koryu Corner with a written outline of the exhibition and fill out an application form.

Application period

6 months in advance of usage(If the day is on a closed day, it will be the next day.)

Exhibition Area

H:80cm×W:225cm×2 boards (use drawing pins) Please do not use easels, etc. to display your exhibit.

  • Please inform us at least 2 weeks ahead of usage if you need to cancel or change the date of reservation.
  • We are not liable to individuals or groups for any loss or damage of the works.
  • Please prepare and remove by yourself between 9:00 and 20:00 during the usage period.
  • You can park your delivery car above ground during carry in or out. After that, please park in the underground parking lot.(Fee: 200 yen for the first hour, 100 yen each additional 30 minutes)

For further information, please contact the Koryu corner.


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