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Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board is for those who are in search of language exchange partners, freinds and volunteer activities.In order to put up a notice, please be sure to come by the service counter to have your paper stamped with today’s date.

It is valid for one month. After that period of time, it will be removed from the bulletin board.We do not mediate or take responsibility for all the information displayed on this board.

When you want to contact the provider or the supplier concerning information that has been displayed, it is your own responsibility to check their identities.

ATTENTION!! You cannot put up the following notices:

  1. Housing information (ex. renting or leasing an apartment or boarding house)
  2. The buying and selling of products and/or gift certificates (including train tickets, telephone cards etc.) However, sales for daily goods are acceptable (ex. moving sale).
  3. Commercial activities on the part of private groups and/or organizations
  4. Job offers and/or job hunting
  5. Religious activities, political events or activities
  6. Others, that we deems as not being appropriate for this bulletin board
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