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We’re looking for participants take part in the SENDAI*AKIU PLUS *Application closed

<<We are no longer accepting applications because the number of applicants has reached 20 people. Thank you for your kind understanding.>>

We’re looking for foreign students to use the Sendai Marugoto Pass to visit Akiu using public transportation routes. Would you like to experience the hidden charms of Akiu? You can pick the date of travel to Akiu and one other location covered by the pass, and help us to promote the areas.

◆Organizer:Sendai International Students Committee
◆Period:November 2019 to January 12, 2020
◆Locations:Akiu, Jogi-nyorai, Sakunami, and other locations covered by the Sendai Marugoto Pass.※Please note that the pass must be used on two consecutive days and one of the locations you visit must be Akiu.
◆For: the first 20 Foreign exchange students (University, Graduate School, Japanese Language School etc.)  
※SenTIA will cover the cost of the Sendai Marugoto Pass, however you will be required to pick it up from their office before the day you wish to use the pass.
※Participants are required to pay for food, facility entrance fees, or hands-on experience fees themselves.

◆Trip contents
① Foreign exchange students can apply in advance, and must await confirmation from SenTIA.
② Students may then decide the date of travel plans and routes, they may then collect the Marugoto Pass from SenTIA’s office.
③ Students ca enjoy their trip to akiu and other locations. However they must take pictures of their trip to Akiu.
④ A questionnaire must be completed, and at least 5 photos submitted no later than one week following the trip
※We will also be holding a photo competition. Prizes will be awarded to the winning contestants.
◆Details: Please read the attached flyer
◆How to Apply:Use the dedicated online form to apply
(Can be accessed via the QR code listed on the flyer)
◆Inquiries: Sendai International Students Committee
Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association (SenTIA)
International Relations Department

◆About Sendai International Students Committee
SenTIA appoints international students as “Sendai International Students Committee” who actively support international relations activities and projects to support foreign residents. This event has been planned by the Sendai International Students Committee.