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To those learning Japanese(日本語を 勉強したい みなさんへ)

Here’s an introduction to some useful websites and online classes for learning Japanese from home. If you have an internet connection you can use the study materials on these websites for free (* Regular internet connection charges apply)

・Connect and Enhance Your Life in Japanese -Tsunagaru Hirogaru
A website with free Japanese lessons for learning introductory Japanese used in everyday life.
Study through watching videos. Can be used in many different languages.

・Learn Japanese (NHK WORLD JAPAN)
Study Japanese used in daily life. There is also animations and audio clips. You can study conversation, Japanese characters and culture. There are also quizzes available. Can be used in many different languages

・JF NIHONGO e-learning Minato
Study along with people from all over the world. There are many courses available. Can be used in many different languages.

Introduces useful websites and tools for studying Japanese. Can be used in Japanese and English

・Minna no Hiroba(みんなのひろば) Japanese Conversation Session

Have fun online speaking Japanese with others through Zoom. Japanese university students also participate. Participate whenever you like, you don’t need to participate every time.
October 4, 2021 to December 20, 2021
Every Monday 6:00p.m. to 7:00p.m.
Contact :

・Nihongo Bank(にほんごバンク)

Free online Japanese classes held through Zoom every Wednesday from 7:00p.m. to 7:30p.m.
Learn Japanese used in daily life.
*Application required.
Nihongo Bank website:
Sample video (Youtube):

・”Erin’s Challenge! I can speak Japanese!” Contents Library
A free website for studying Japanese where even beginners can have fun.

・IRODORI Japanese for life in Japan
Has textbooks and audio clips. Aids learners in getting a grasp on fundamental Japanese communication required for daily life and working in Japan.

・IRODORI Japanese Online Course
Online course which uses “Irodori Daily Life Japanese.”

・JLPT sample questions (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test – JLPT)
Practice sample questions that are found in the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test. Questions are separated by level (N1 to N5).

・Express Yourself Japanese(わたしを伝える日本語)

Free Japanese learning material where learners can gain the power of expressing themselves through videos with voice-overs, so even those who are still unfamiliar with Japanese characters can have fun learning.
Textbook (PDF):