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【April 22nd】Recycled Bicycle Sale Event for International Students

To help support international students, there will be 35 refurbished bicycles on sale at 4000 yen each.
If the number of participants exceeds the number of bicycles, buyers will be decided by lottery.

◆Participants: 35 international students *If numbers exceed 35, buyers will be decided by lottery.
◆Date and Time: Sunday 22nd April 10:30-12:00 (approx.) Reception: 10:15-
◆Location: Koryu Corner, Sendai International Centre 1F
◆Content: The sale of refurbished bicycles (only international students may buy)
◆Inquiries: SenTIA Tel: 022-268-6260
◆Organiser: Sendai Recycled Bicycles for International Students Project Promotion Committee