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January Hello Sendai Broadcast

Didn’t get quite as much done last year as you had hoped? Now is a great time to think about your goals for this year and make a New Year’s Resolution! The participants on this month’s edition of Hello Sendai will talk about their plans for the New Year and also share their experiences in their quest to learn Japanese. Hopefully by the end of the radio broadcast, you’ll have a better idea of how you want to approach the rest of the year yourself. We’ll be waiting for you on Hello Sendai!

Broadcast times and broadcast stations:
Fri., 8 January 12:00~12:15 Radio3 FM 76.2MHz
Sat., 9 January 9:30~9:45 FM Natori 80.1MHz
Mon., 11 January 14:00~14:15 fm Izumi 79.7MHz
Tue., 12 January 17:30~17:45 FM Taihaku 78.9MHz
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