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February issue of Sendai City Newsletter is now available online!

You can read the February issue of Sendai City Newsletter in multiple languages (Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean) at Sendai City’s website listed below.

Sendai City Newsletter (Digested Version)


1. Tax Notifications
2. Declaration of Municipal and Prefectural Tax
3. Preventing Frozen Water Pipes
4. Beware of Fee-based Unlicensed Waste Haulers Collecting Unwanted Electronic Goods
5. Loan System to Help Fund School Entry
6. COVID-19 Related Announcements
● Early Business Closure Request for Covid-19 Infection Prevention Scheme for Businesses
◆ Covid-19 Infection Prevention Cooperation Money
● Precautions for disposing of waste to prevent the spread of disease
7. Aids, Syphilis and Chlamydia Testing