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To those in Japan with a residency status three months (90 days) or shorter(在留資格が3か月以下の人へ)

To those who are unable to return to your home country and hold the residency status of “Short Term Stay” or “Designated Activities (3 months)” should visit their closest immigration bureau.
The residency status of applicants can be changed to “Designated Activities (6 months)”.

> PDF Notification from the Immigration bureau (English) 

Foreign students who have graduated and are not able to return to their home countries can change their residency status to “Designated Activities (6 months)” which allows up to 28H of work per week.
Those who change their residency status to “Designated Activities” are required to go to a ward office and register for a resident record. For those who were residing in Sendai as of April 27, 2020 will be able to apply to receive the “Special Cash Payment” (100,000 yen for every citizen) if they are listed on the resident register.

> PDF If you get your status of residence changed from “Temporary Visitor” to “Designated Activities,” you can work part-time and receive ¥100,000.(NPO Tabumane, FACIL)

Foreign students who had accepted an employment offer after graduation only to have the offer withdrawn should consult with Hello Work. Hello work aims to assist those who were instructed to prepare to start work from April by their prospective employer, by aiding in finding employment.

「がいこくじんのみなさんへ しごとやせいかつのしえんについて」

For detailed information please contact Hello Work and the Immigration Bureau
Hello Work Sendai TEL: 022-299-8811
Sendai Regional Immigration Bureau TEL: 022-256-6076

If you need interpretation support, please call the Interpretation Support Hotline of the Sendai Multicultural Center.
TEL: 022-224-1919 (available from 9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.)
E-mail: tabunka* (replace「*」with「@」)