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【Information】Pamphlet for foreign residents: “Do you know where to go in the event of a disaster?” (in 6 languages)

Aimed at foreigners who have recently become citizens of Sendai City, this pamphlet covers multilingual support during times of disaster, designated refuge areas, and other topics. Please make use of this pamphlet at facilities and institutions
which accept new foreign residents such as schools and the workplace. Easily access the information and institutions listed below by scanning the QR code.
・Sendai Disaster Multilingual Support Center
・City of Sendai designated refuge areas
・Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association – SenTIA (multicultural disaster prevention page)
・Sendai Multicultural Center

Download Japanese Language Version[PDF]
Download English Language Version[PDF]
Download Chinese Language Version[PDF]
Download Korean Language Version[PDF]
Download Vietnamese Language Version[PDF]
Download Nepali Language Version[PDF]