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【Level 4 alert . Evacuation advisory】(2019.10.12 23:45)Danger of flooded reservoirs and ponds


・Ayashi reservoir (Aoba Ward Kamiayashi)
・Saikachinuma reservoir (Aoba Ward Kamiayashi)
・Doyasawa reservoir (Izumi ward Nenoshiroishi)
・Shinkamanosawa reservoir ( Izumi ward Yakata 7chōme)
・Sumiyoshidai reservoir no.5 ( Izumi Ward Sumiyoshidai-nishi 1chōme)

Those located in the applicable areas who have yet to evacuate, please immediately evacuate to an established evacuation center.

If you are unable to exit your building due to it being unsafe in your vicinity, please move to the second floor or above of the building you are in.

Detailed information

If you would like information in a foreign language, please call the Sendai Disaster Multilingual Support Center at 022-224-1919