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【September 19】Specialist Consultations with the Miyagi Labour Bureau to be held

Speak with the Miyagi Labour Bureau about problems at your workplace.
For example, you can have a consultation about problems such as wages, working hours, vacation/paid leave, employment contracts or job-hunting.
The consultations are free of charge. However time is limited to 30 minutes per person.
If you wish to have a consultation, please provide us with the following information upon application:
-Your name
-Contact details (e-mail address, phone number)
-The contents of what you wish to discuss at the consultation
-If an interpreter is required
【Date and Time】September 19, 2019 (Thur.) 1:00p.m. – 4:00p.m.
【Location】Sendai Multicultural Center, Conference Building 1F,Sendai International Center
【Application】TEL:022-224-1919, 022-265-2471/