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Precautions Against the Spread of COVID-19 (Events and Dining-out) 感染症予防に気をつけてください(イベントや食事会について)新型コロナウイルスの情報

-Avoid going out whenever possible-

Don’t go to places with poor ventilation, and events or dining events with large numbers of participants when possible.
Don’t go to non-essential events or dining events where there are insufficient precautions to stop the spread of COVID-19.
Especially, don’t have gatherings or go to parties or events with people who you do not personally know, where people are speaking in loud voices, or singing.

-Take care when going out-

Take note of the following points when going out to an event or for a meal:
・Don’t talk to people in a close proximity, keep a distance from others.
・Thoroughly sanitize hands.
・Wear a mask.
・Don’t speak in a loud voice.

-Take care when drinking alcohol –

Please do not stay out late drinking alcohol in town or in public squares.
Avoid going to non- essential events where alcohol is consumed whenever possible.

-Finding new ways to have fun-

Explore new ways to enjoy spending time at home, such as participating in online events and games.