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Community Interpretation Supporters dispatched for school explanation sessions and interviews

SenTIA dispatches community interpretation supporters to those who have difficulty with Japanese in order to interpret in foreign languages.


Who can Apply:

※Parents of children who are either planning to or are already enrolled in an elementary or junior high school in Sendai

※Teachers who are planning to welcome a foreign student or already has one currently enrolled


What can be Interpreted:

Explanation sessions before enrolling in school and school interviews



Must apply in advance. (Please apply at least 2 weeks beforehand.)。)

※Interpreter may be unable to be dispatched depending on language.


How to Apply:

Download the application from SenTIA’s website:


and email it to this

Applications can also be found at the Sendai Multicultural Center.

Inquiries:          SenTIA TEL:022-268-6260 Fax:022-268-6252

Sendai Multicultural Center TEL:022-265-2471 Fax:022-265-2472