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July Hello Sendai Broadcast

Although you can’t avoid the heat this summer, you can avoid Coronavirus by taking the correct preventive steps. This month’s broadcast of Hello Sendai will cover how our lives have been affected by Coronavirus and what changes we can make in our daily routine so that we can all stay healthy and not infect others. It is certainly easy to become stressed out due to this seemingly unending pandemic, so we’ll also discuss how to keep our spirits up while stuck at home and fun plans for the future.
Broadcast times and broadcast stations:
Fri., 10 July 12:00 ~ 12:15 Radio3 FM 76.2MHz
Sat., 11 July 9:30 ~ 9:45 FM Natori 80.1MHz
Mon., 13 July 14:00 ~ 14:15 fm Izumi 79.7MHz
Tue., 14 July 17:30 ~ 17:45 FM Taihaku 78.9MHz
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