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April issue of Sendai City Newsletter is now available online!

You can read the March issue of Sendai City Newsletter in multiple languages (Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean) at Sendai City’s website listed below.

Sendai City Newsletter (Digested Version)

1.Financial Assistance for School Materials and Lunch Fees
2.Interest Subsidies for National Education Loans
3.Garbage Collection During the Golden Week Holiday Season (April 29 to May 6) Will Be Conducted as Usual
4.The Amounts of the Child-Rearing Allowance and Special Child- Rearing Allowance Have Changed
5.Exemption or Postponement of National Pension Payments can be Applied Retroactively for up to Two Years and One Month Before the Month of Application
6.The Upper Limit for Pregnancy Health Examination Subsidies Has Changed
7.BCG Vaccinations