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April Hello Sendai Broadcast

We live in a wide, wonderful world which has as many holidays as there are different cultures and nations. Important historical events, religious festivities, and cultural traditions are often the basis for the myriad of holidays which exist today. In this month’s edition of Hello Sendai, our guests will talk about their favorite holidays in Japan and compare them with ones from their home country. If you have an interest in the holiday of Japan or just want to hear about special holidays from around the world, you won’t want to miss this episode!

Broadcast times and broadcast stations:
Fri., 9 April 12:00~12:15 Radio3 FM 76.2MHz
Sat., 10 April 9:30~9:45 FM Natori 80.1MHz
Mon., 12 April 14:00~14:15 fm Izumi 79.7MHz
Tue., 13 April 17:30~17:45 FM Taihaku 78.9MHz

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